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Interface :

The DOSYm 3.0 module has a more graphical interface than previous version.


Easy and efficient column selection. You can visualize the columns you have selected.


The input/output control have been developed to make the processing as simple as any other 2D experiments…

It now has a build in interface to interact with your RDC server.


The DOSYm BRUKER TopSpinTM interface is very easy. Choose a pre-set number, it will optimise the speed/quality results. Or make your own specific parameters set-up.

Example :

With the DOSYm module analyse your mixture by NMR without separations or apriori knowledge.

The DOSYm module brings the Inverse Laplace powerfull Transformation to the BRUKER TopSpinTM Software.

dosym_result2 dosym3Dview2

This spectrum have been processed by a 1.2 GHz intel Pentium III Pc, in 10 minutes. It represent an analytical separation of a 4 components mixture (SDS, ATP, Glucose and water).