These are the most frequently asked support questions for DOSYm.
This list will be updated as we receive more support questions.

Q: When I try to run the DOSYm module under Linux, I get this error : ***Error in getting DBM element (toupper($sys[“GIFA.MACADDRESS”])) and DOSYm stops. What can I do ?

A: In most version of Linux used by Bruker, the ifconfig command, required when stating the program, is not directly accessible to the NMR user. However it should be available on the system. It is most probably located in /sbin/ifconfig.To make it available (accessible from the path defined in the system variable $PATH) the simplest action is the following
– open a terminal (a shell in the linux terminology)
– verify that your-login/bin is defined in your $PATH variable (as it should) by typing (without the
leading >):
>echo $PATH
and by checking that it is present in the answer
– create the your-login/bin directory if it is not yet present :
>mkdir -p ~/bin
– copy a “soft link” of the ifconfig command to this directory :
> ln -s /sbin/ifconfig ~/bin/ifconfig
With this final action, the ifconfig should be now available to the user (try >ifconfig -a ) and the DOSYm module should now work.

Q: When I try to run the DOSYm module under Linux, I get this error : /opt/topspin/GIFA5/gifa_batch no such file or directory. What can I do ?

A: You are using an improper code (gifadosy.au file) to make the link between Topspin and DOSYm. Please have a look in your DOSYm CD and place your gifadosy.au file in Topspin’s architecture.

Q: When running DOSYm, I get a huge number of iterations. I want to reduce this number, how do I do that ?

A: What you call iteration is the number of column that will be processed by Maxent/ILT (Maximum Entropy\Inverse Laplace Transform) algorithm. It will change according to the Signal/Noise ratio you choose in your DOSYm parameters.

Q: I ran DOSYm on my latest data and I get this error message : ERROR : NOISE should not be 0.0. Why ?

A: In order to give accurate results, our module needs to evaluate noise level. First of all you need to be sure that your acquisition went well : check the Status of your acquisition parameters. The second possible problem is that you have a SI in the F1 dimension that is smaller than the TD in F1 dimension.

Q: I have spectra with very low Signal/Noise ratio, can I use DOSYm anyway ?

A: When you choose your WDW function, you have to choose one that is commonly used for 1D spectra : EM or GM. This will help you to identify your small peaks. Then you have to reduce Topspin’s Signal/Noise ratio so that you have the number of relevant columns you want.