DOSYmTM, a Diffusion Ordered SpectroscopY module for BRUKER TopSpinTM software.

The utimate goal of DOSYm is to allow any NMR spectroscopist to quickly perform state of the art DOSY experiments without special experience or theoretical knowledge. It brings the mixture dimension to the classical NMR experiments world:

You don’t have to purify your solutions anymore before using your spectrometer.

DOSYm is an efficient easy to use Processing Module especially designed for BRUKER TopSpinTM NMR software.
The DOSYDiffusion Ordered SpectroscopY – experiment performs a systematic measurement of diffusion coefficients for each molecule of a mixture and presents their coefficients along an additional spectral axis.
The NMR DOSY experiment is much alike “in tube chromatography” as it allows not only analytical separation of mixture constituent but also their identification and quantification.



Manque : le fichier DOSY-Poster.pdf