NMRnotebook can be enriched by optional specific modules such as:

DOSY Module (available now) :
The utimate goal of DOSY Module is to allow any NMR spectroscopists to quickly perform state of the art DOSY experiments without special experience or theoretical knowledge. It brings the mixture dimension to the classical NMR experiments world.

SOPHORA is now in DOSY module :
If you have problem of spectrometer imperfections or mis-adjustements, SOPHORA (SOPHisticated Optimization by spectral ReAlignment) can help you correcting them.
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1D Line Fitter Module (available now) :

NMRTEC has developped a very interesting and very powerful algorithm capable of fitting 1D peaks that are neither lorentzian nor gaussian. A solution is calculated depending on the shape of the peak and results is display very quickly on the graphical interface.


A peak of a 13C 1D spectrum is fitted with different models. The yellow areas are where the fitted line is above the spectrum and the red areas are where the spectrum is above the fitted line. The lorentzian doesn’t give so good results, the gaussian is slightly better (except on the top most of the peak) and the calculated mix gives the best results and will give the most accurate area and amplitude values.