These are the most frequently asked support questions for RDC. This list will be updated as we receive more support questions. Additional Informations might be found on our Forum.

Q: I have a multiprocessor computer and my laptop which processes DOSY is very slow. How can I use my Big computer for DOSY processing ?

A: First of all, please make sure you have enough RAM in your multiprocessor computer, we recommend 500Mb per processor. Then contact us so that we cand determine together which is the best solution to install RDC on your computer.

Q: When I try to install RDC server on my computer (linux) I see my jobs jumping from RDC_qJobs to RDC_Jobs and from RDC_Jobs to RDC_dJobs, but the processing doesn’t take place, what can I do ?

A: This is typical of the mathematical kernel not correctly executed. Have a look to your NPK.sh file and make sure all parameters are well placed.

Q: How do I get my results back? Will RDC server create a 2rr file to visualise my DOSY spectrum on TopSpin ?

A: If your RDC server is enabled to send e-mails, RDC server will send you an e-mail notifying you that your job is done. Obviously, when the DOSY job has been prepared via TopSpin, RDC server create a 2rr file you can open in TopSpin.

Q: Can I use the same RDC server in order to process data from NMRnotebook and TopSpin ?

A: Indeed, one RDC server can be used from both softwares