RDC (Rapid Distant Computation) enables NNB, DOSY and DOSYm users to process DOSY data on a remote computer, speeding up process significantly.

You can keep on working on your computer while the processing is running.

You can queue your jobs for the forthcoming week-end and you get your results via e-mails.

RDC is available from NMRnotebook and it’s DOSY module :


or from DOSYm 3.0 module:


Depending on the computer/server you use as RDC server, you can reduce your DOSY processing time 5 to 20 times.


Processing Time in seconds, plotted against the number of processor used. Between 1 and 8 processors used, depending on the performance of each processor, time processing drops from 9000 to 1200 : 7.5 time less. DOSY processing is not longer the bottleneck of your experiments.